Educational Aspirations Founder, Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher at AISA Conference in Cape Town, South Africa with Ewan McIntosh – No Tosh, Maria Hersey- Global Education Advisors and Adzo Ashie – Regional Manager AfricaI International Baccalaureate.

Addressing students at ENKO La Gaitie in Cameroon with Marjorie Vautrin.

With Co-presenter Chris Mueller on International Mindedness in International Schools in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With students from Ozel Ankara ABC School in Turkey.

With the amazing Estelle Hughes – Founder and President -African Learning International in Johannesburg.

Presenting a workshop on IB Schools Collaboration in Africa’ witheducators and school leaders.

In Oman Visiting IBDP schools with great IB educator Roger Takla.

Speaking at Westminster Abbey during Diversity Week at Westminster School – London.

Women in Leadership Symposium in Cape Town with Pauline O’Brien – Director of Career & Recruitment Services (COIS).

Catching up with Fidelis Nthenge – Head of IB World Schools at the IB Global Conference in 2019.

Reconnecting with educator friends in Abu DhabiGudmundur Hegner Johnson – Educational Consultant and Jane Drake – Head of Curriculum Innovation and Alignment at IB.