Educational Aspirations

Educational Aspirations is a global educational consultancy and the brainchild of Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher, who has over 25 years years experience working in education. It was created to give a different perspective to international and state education across the world.

Based on the principle of UBUNTU, Educational Aspirations aspires to work with schools, educational organizations as well as governments to empower all school stakeholders to think deeply about the role of education in their context and the importance of the learning process which must be seen as continuing beyond the institution. Ubuntu looks at basic human virtues that include compassion and humanity, dispositions that we tend to forget in education today, when constantly forced to chase data and tick boxes. As global citizens and educators, we should be inculcating a strong awareness of self and others and empower our students to be curious enough about their world to want to be changemakers.

Educational Aspirations aims to make a difference by leading school communities to think deeper about their roles in influencing the world around them through meaningful student agency, relevant professional development and deeper reflections on diversity and inclusion within international education.

Our Work

Today, our Educational Space continues to evolve with endless changes, challenges and dynamics in our complex digital world.

We at Educational Aspirations know that schools aspire to be relevant in the 21st century and to offer great learning experiences for their students to become conscious and dynamic change makers, by creating opportunities for critical thinking, social skills growth, self development and curiosity, as well as real time for teachers to undergo relevant professional development to enable more student centered learning and for school leadership to gain the knowledge needed to be more empathetic, collaborative and compelling leaders whilst remaining inspirational.

We understand that the education offered must be purposeful to the learners of today and still be practical when those same learners embark on their third jobs in the future.

We offer schools the opportunity to think deeply about their curriculum and explore how they might incorporate 21st century learning skills in the students’ learning experiences.

Educational Aspirations

Proserpina holds degrees in Sociology, Public Administration, French Linguistics and Phonetics, French as a Foreign Language, International Education and Organizational Behaviour; having studied at the University of Swaziland, Universite de Grenoble, Universite La Sorbonne – Paris, College of New Jersey and Heriot Watt Business School. She is an international educator and school leader, passionate about education and strongly believes that we are all learners and that learning should be an unforgettable and ongoing experience. She has seen the potential strength and influence school leaders have in positively building and leading school communities, thus her desire to work with more school leaders as they aspire to find balance between managing and influencing. She has worked in state, private and international schools, as well as educational organizations such as International Baccalaureate, United World Colleges and at government level. In her diverse roles, Proserpina has collaborated with; OECD, the Ellen MacAuthor Foundation, EdCrunch, Ashoka, Council of International Schools, Teach for All, UNESCO and the Al Futtaim Educational Foundation. She is currently working on several projects with; Edumentor Ltd. (Kenya), EKM Global Consulting (Germany/Azerbaijan) , Global Education Advisors (USA), Alchemy of Learning (UAE), Africa Learning International (Switzerland), RT Consulting (UK), International Baccalaureate (Netherlands), The Academic Zone International Schools (Eswatini) and Early Years Consultancy (Nigeria). She is also part of the International Baccalaureate Educator Network (IBEN) and a member of AISA, African International Schools Association.

She is a volunteer in the Diversity Collaborative and continues to write on diversity and inclusion in international education, and to mentor school leaders and teachers across the world.

Proserpina has been invited as a guest speaker to speak to diverse audiences on  topics such as: Education as a tool for growth, Cultural Sensitivity in International Education, Imposter Syndrome, Diversity and Inclusion to name but a few.

She was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award by the College of New Jersey.

Proserpina has lived, studied and worked in Eswatini, the USA, Ethiopia, France, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, UAE and is presently based in the UK.

Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher

Proserpina Dhlamini-Fisher
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    To deliver quality multicultural diverse services to global clients based on extensive experience in international education.


    To collaborate with educational organisations creating internationally minded, culturally sensitive, learning communities.


    Excellence, collaboration, integrity and respect.